Fluid Transfer Systems

Flowing Innovation for Automotive Excellence

We ensure that everything flows smoothly in your vehicles - from fuels and oil to coolant and brake fluids, all the way to washer fluids. As experts in fluid management systems, we manufacture customized solutions for you.

With over three decades of experience in the automotive industry, we produce products that meet the highest requirements of our OEM customers. Originally specialized in straight fuel hoses, we have evolved into an experienced Tier-1 supplier of innovative and complex fluid management systems. These systems can consist of a variety of materials and components.

Benefit from our expertise in extrusion and molding of elastomers and plastics, our high-tech machinery for processing metal tubes, and our efficient assembly lines. Through our modern and efficient production facilities in Turkey and Mexico, as well as our optimized supply chain management, we can offer high-quality and highly complex fluid line systems at competitive prices. With our focus on cost-effectiveness, we set new standards in the industry, enabling our customers to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We are flexible, agile, and customer-oriented: Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with you to understand your individual needs and deliver tailored products that meet the stringent quality requirements of the automotive industry. Through our central logistics center in North Rhine-Westphalia, we can often handle short-term requests and offer fast delivery times.

We are proud to invest in the development and implementation of innovative processes to continuously expand and improve our capabilities. Our versatile products are already being used in all types of propulsion systems, including electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as alternative fuels.

In doing so, we create value and strengthen the competitiveness of our partners in a changing automotive sector.

Kros Automotive has the origins in REPKA Rubber company founded in 1990 in Çerkezköy town of Tekirdağ city in order to produce rubber-based hoses for automotive industry. By 1996, having delivered rubber hoses to OEM customers, our company made changes in its product and production system in order to meet the ever changing and increasingly demanding customer expectations. In this respect, by 2002, our company began production of fluid transfer systems for OEM customers. In 2006, upon the investment decision held in Kutahya city, our company continued its activities as KROS AUTOMOTIVE. The first phase of the Kutahya factory investment (500 m²) is completed in 2009. In parallel with growth in business volume, the second phase of the factory building (4500 m²) is constructed in 2013.

In 2014, a modern logistic center is established in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) in Germany in order to meet logistical requirements. From this center, shipments are delivered in accordance with JIT requirements of our customers.

In 2017, within the frame of becoming a global automotive supplier vision, the Kros Automotive Mexico plant (4.000 m²) has been established in the state of Querétaro, the heart of the automotive industry in Bajío region, México.

Almost entire production of Kros Automotive is allocated to meet the requirements of OEM customers. Especially, European Automotive companies included among our major customers. In addition to OEM customers, our company produces for the Tier-1 companies in the automotive industry.

With its consistently increasing employment opportunities over the years, Kros Automotive is one of the most important employment generating companies. Being adamant on growing under the vision of becoming the top 500 industrial company of Turkey, our company intents and is dedicated to be one of the leading companies in the industry with its modern plant, productive and flexible production and management processes and consistently increasing customer satisfaction.

Kros Automotive; Manufacturing of fuel hoses, oil hoses (intake and return), and lubricating oil hoses, water and air hoses, hose elbows as well as related assembly groups for emission, and air systems, assembly coolant pipes.
Kros Automotive Mexico; Production and assembly of lubrication, water and air hoses, hose bends and emission systems assembled parts.