Selection and Placement

The Human Resources Department ensures that a fair and objective evaluation is made by the Human Resources Department and that the selection and placement process is carried out in accordance with the company culture.

The recruitment process starts with the identification of needs. Every year during the budget period, manpower planning is made on a departmental basis and the number of employees planned to be hired during the year is determined on a departmental basis. Apart from this, recruitment is made to replace employees who leave for various reasons during the year.

Our company accepts job applications from different sources such as e-mails, websites, career portals or suggestions from our employees.

After reviewing the applications, candidates are given a competency-based interview, a personality inventory test according to the position and an English test. Interviews are conducted by department managers and the Human Resources Department. A job offer is made to the eligible candidate by the Human Resources Department. The recruitment process is completed when the candidate who has completed the necessary documents starts work on the specified date.