Our Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Certificates


The common target of KROS Automotive top management and all employees is to ensure the legal and standard compliance of and continuously improve effectiveness of our environmental/occupational health and safety management system at every phases of product, process design, production and service activities in parallel with expectations and requirements of our corporation, employees, customers and community.

In line with this policy, following principles are adopted:

  • With the consciousness of Occupational Safety; sensitive to society, employees and environment; investing in human, information and technology and realizing its production with zero occupational accident and environmental accident target,
  • To maintain an Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is supported and supervised by the senior management and adopted, implemented, audited and reviewed by all employees,
  • To ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment; comply with all legislation, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to health, safety and environment,
  • To provide continuous improvement by providing a common point of view in accordance with health, safety and environment requirements at every level of the organization
  • Identify occupational health and safety and environmental hazards in processes, assess risks, eliminate risks or reduce their potential impacts; plan and implement measures, allocate necessary resources
  • Ensuring the participation of all employees and employee representatives on the issues related to the Management of Health and Safety Management,
  • By using natural resources efficiently for the protection of the environment in our activities, to minimize the waste generation by ensuring the recovery and reuse of our wastes and to reduce the negative environmental effects in all processes from design to life cycle,
  • The aim is to be an example of sensitivity to the environment and society by always focusing on social responsibility.

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