Social Responsibility

Kros Otomotiv's social responsibility policy is based on doing things that will add value to the national economy and make a sustainable contribution to society. All our activities are planned and executed in line with our respect for people and the environment; our responsibility to use natural resources efficiently guides us in all our work.

While raising awareness on the use of "clean energy" for a more livable world, we are trying to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

Within the scope of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, social responsibility activities that provide sustainable social benefits are our primary goal. We continue to support social responsibility projects that are in line with our values every year. We plan to spread our current projects across the country to reach more people. We also try to support social responsibility projects of various organizations in line with our values.

Focusing on providing sustainable benefits to its sector and society through social responsibility projects in various fields, the Company also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals through its efforts in many areas, particularly gender equality, education, health, culture and arts, and digitalization.