Social Responsibility

At Kros Otomotiv, we pursue a policy of social responsibility that creates both economic value and a sustainable contribution to society. All our activities, from procurement to manufacturing and logistics, are planned and carried out with respect for people and the environment. We are aware of our responsibility for efficient use of natural resources, which are an integral part of our guidelines for action. We actively advocate for sustainable energy supply. Since 2022, we have already converted 50% of our energy needs to self-generated solar energy. This is just the beginning of our efforts, as we also plan to make further investments in sustainable energy generation in the future. Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint and make a positive contribution to climate protection.

Within the framework of our corporate social responsibility policy, our focus is on conducting activities with social responsibility that create long-term societal benefits. We regularly engage in regional and increasingly national promotion and aid projects, supporting recognized charitable organizations that align with our values. In this way, we make a positive contribution to society and can offer our support where it is most urgently needed.

We are particularly passionate about issues of social responsibility. Here, we have the opportunity to directly impact our employees and our surroundings. We promote projects in areas such as gender equality, education, health, culture and art, as well as digitalization. Through our support, we aim to bring about positive changes and promote sustainable development.