Our Policy and Certificates


With the awareness that our target client audience is the world, notably of Europe, and the contribution of our all employees, KROS AUTOMOTIVE INC, aims at being a company which

  • Satisfies its customer with the sensitivity towards product quality, environment, occupational health and safety,
  • Accepts the only number is "zero" in customer complaint, environmental impact and work accidents,
  • Screens, evaluates and develops its suppliers in line with customer expectations, OHS and EMS activities,
  • Delivers products on time,
  • Adopts as principle the continuous improvement of and reviewing QMS, EMS and OHS activities,
  • Aspires to satisfy its employees by creating healthy work conditions,
  • Is dedicated to comply with all legal requirements, requirements of customers and other entities interacted in relation with environmental aspects and safety at work in all its activities,
  • In the direction of our strategies, it is important for the interested parties to identify the feasible needs, expectations and conditions of the stakeholders,
  • Our quality management system is designed to continuously improve our product and service quality, to research new technologies and quality techniques,
  • Is profitable, consistently growing, developing and satisfying its stakeholders.

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KROS Laboratories

Our company has two in-house laboratories which serve to the needs of R&D and Quality Control processes. In these laboratories where activities are carried out on the basis of OEM and international standards, the product quality and safety are ensured with mechanical, chemical and functional tests of the product types in the research&development and mass production phases.

Laboratories of KROS Automotive carries out all tests needed for purchased materials as well as semi-products and final products with the highest levels of precision and reliability.

KROS Laboratories are equipped with test devices and equipment sufficient to carry out;

* Tests for verification of product/material development processes
* Tests for verification of input, process control and final products
* Functional tests to guarantee the continuity of the mass process conditions.