KROS Automotive carries out productions in its modern facility with investments equipped with high technology as required by the industry in order to meet the increasingly demanding customer expectations. The main production processes:

RUBBER EXTRUSION AND FORMING: The extrusion lines equipped with high technology and automation produce single or multi-layered, braided or non-braided hoses. Having formed to match various geometrical structures, hoses undergo the vulcanization process in the autoclaves driven with process automation.

POLYAMIDE EXTRUSION AND FORMING: The production of straight/formed, hard/soft polyamide pipes used in the various fluid transfer systems of an automobile are carried out in the extrusion lines controlled with automatic control systems. They are shaped with special molding methods.

METAL PIPE FORMING: Steel and aluminum pipes in various sizes are formed by full and semi-automatic presses, tack welding, gas metal arc welding and brazing processes are handled in our high technology equipment pool.

ASSEMBLY: Rubber hoses, polyamide and steel pipes produced in our company are assembled such that they will play their parts in fluid transfer on the vehicle, together with other procurement parts. The functionalities of the products from assembly lines are guaranteed by testing them on special benches equipped with digital camcorders for sealing and flow controls.

The assembly and test processes of the products which must satisfy the special cleaning criteria, as required by their functions on the vehicle, are carried out in special production environment, completely isolated from other production processes, where airborne particle amounts, heat, moisture and pressure are constantly under control. In this special production area, electrostatic discharge (ESD) feature is provided in order to prevent damages on the materials which are sensitive to electrostatic charges.

POLYURETHANE COATING: Special type high-technology polyurethane coating, having very special geometry, lightweight but large surface area, defined in the customers' pictures is carried out.