Our Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Certificates


The common target of KROS Automotive top management and all employees is to ensure the legal and standard compliance of and continuously improve effectiveness of our environmental/occupational health and safety management system at every phases of product, process design, production and service activities in parallel with expectations and requirements of our corporation, employees, customers and community.

In line with this policy, following principles are adopted:

  • To maintain an Environmental / Occupational Health and Safety Management System which is interiorized, applied, audited, reviewed, supported by our top management and all employees, open to monitoring by related parties and continuously improved; in relation with Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, to fulfill the legal requirements as well as requirements of all our customers and other entities we have an interaction.
  • To create accident-free work environments under the awareness of "first work safety" and to develop systems which will minimize our losses in case of an emergency,
  • To abide by the occupational safety targets during product and process design, production process or major process changes,
  • In respect of all human resources within the borders of our business: To protect them against injuries and deteriorated medical conditions due to the work accidents.
  • To ensure effective performance of risk assessments and minimize the risk levels,
  • To take under control the amount and environmental impacts of all waste and assist in reducing environmental pollution;
  • To minimize the consumption of energy and other natural resources by encouraging and supporting the effective use, recovery and recycling activities;
  • To enhance environmental sensitivity of all our employees and suppliers and create a work safety culture, to support and expand the activities for such purpose;
  • To use raw materials and technologies which have lower levels of environmental impacts and enable recycling at the further levels in product and process design, production process and all our activities.